Juany Lara / Exercise with a purpose

Juany Lara is one of those inspiring Latina women, with enormous determination, discipline, and a great work capacity that she has learned in her life as a mother and entrepreneur.

She is a beautician, bodybuilder, the first woman certified in Xco Latin by Jackie in Houston, and a trainer of different modalities that have changed her life forever. The world of fitness is her thing, she has dedicated the last 4 years of her life to prepare as a professional trainer for Xco Latin by Jackie, Xco-Max, Xco-Athletics Training System, Gun-eX Training System and Flexi-Bar.

Exercise with a purpose is her philosophy by which she improved her ability to do her everyday tasks, have fun in a healthy way, and at the same time take care of her body, mind, and spirit. She believes that everyone can take a new challenge every day regardless of age or condition.

Juany Lara had proved that Latina women have the ability to move the world and put it in shape while enjoying happiness, music, and teamwork. Training with Juany rejuvenates your body and brightens your spirit, the result that is achieved by working body and mind is incredible!

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