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What is Xco®?
The Xco®-Trainer is a practical aluminum tube filled with special granules. Xco® (pronounced as “exco”) means ‘extreme core’, which refers to the core of your body. This is one of the areas, which can be trained particularly well with the Xco®-Trainer.
While exercising, the free-moving mass moves back and forth with every movement you make. Because the granules ‘overshoot’ at the beginning of the backward movement, the muscles and especially the connective tissue in and around the muscles get an extra mechanical load. This unique effect is called Reactive Impact, is scientifically proven in several international studies, and distinguishes the Xco®-Trainer from ordinary fitness equipment.

The result?
An increased load capacity of the connective tissue, better core stability, and more muscle strength

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Xco®-Trainer is a revolutionary training tool for use in fitness programs, physiotherapy, or at home.
Exercising with Xco®-Trainer ensures your body profit from Reactive Impact. The Xco®-Trainers are available in various sizes in order to accommodate for various activities and workouts.

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