Jackeline Rodriguez creator of Xco® Latin by Jackie

Athletic movements, strength, intensity, and Latin rhythms are the perfect combination that has made Xco® Latin by Jackie the training modality of choice for many.

Jacqueline Rodríguez, the creator of the program, has a global license and a structured training program for instructors. The tool used in the modality, Xco®-Trainers, is manufactured in Europe and has a worldwide patent in force.

Xco Latin by Jackie is the most extraordinary, intense, and dynamic workout on the market today. Designed to work and tone the entire body with special emphasis on the trunk and arms, it achieves results quickly. It can also be summarized as: “Where functional training meets fun.”

This class significantly improves motor functions such as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Work done in an Xco Latin by Jackie class achieves a 39 percent higher caloric burn than other classes, with the loss of 600-800 calories per 60-minute session, and achieves full-body toning.

It is important to mention that the class is adapted to the participating population. The instructor has the ability to work with both high-performance athletes and seniors, as each individual determines the intensity of the movements. Every movement helps improve mobility and performance ability, no matter your age.

The reason why this modality has a spectacular boom in the market is its scientific basis. It is also fun and with Latin energy, with which you begin to feel noticeable changes in the body from day one.

Wherever it is offered, Xco Latin by Jackie has remained the number one class for more than five consecutive years, in attendance and as a customer retention tool.

It has a strong and demanding training program. The certification program lasts two days, for a total of 14 contact hours. It covers everything related to the physiology of exercise applied to the modality, the correct use of the tool, basic/advanced movements, and individual / group practices.

At the end of the workshop, a certificate of participation is delivered. It is not until the participant is evaluated and approved in a 30-minute live presentation or via video that they are awarded the instructor certificate. During this process you are offered coaching, to ensure the quality of the instructor.

The Xco-Trainers used in the classroom originate from the realm of physical therapy. They were developed in the Netherlands by a physical therapist in order to reduce the risk of injury to his son, who played sports. With the use of this tool, the connective tissue regenerates more quickly and a greater fluidity is achieved in the muscle fascia, which helps to avoid injuries.

Xco refers to “Excellent Connective Tissue” or excellent connective tissue. This tissue is all that ties and unites our musculoskeletal system. The Xco-Trainers are two aluminum cylinders containing a special loose granulated mass, weighing approximately 1.2 pounds each. The loose mass inside the cylinders creates a reactive impact.

The muscular actions that are done in an Xco Latin by Jackie class extend in several directions and promote that the three-dimensional structure of the connective tissue is stimulated and we have a better adaptation of the mechanical load that we receive in our musculoskeletal system on a daily basis.

This reactive impact activates collagen protein, the main component of connective tissue, and manages to shorten its regeneration to almost half the time.

It has been established that many of the pains or discomfort of the musculoskeletal system are due to the dysfunction of the connective tissue, therefore, to the extent that we maintain healthy connective tissue, we will help prevent those typical injuries of an unstable system.

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