Client Testimonials

Verónica Luna

“I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and after having my baby it was impossible to lose a single pound. I used diets that didn’t work for me, I went for long walks a few days per week, but there was little improvement.

My sister-in-law who attended Zumba classes at Extreme Athletic by Juany Lara invited me to come with her and when I got to the studio, they told me about the benefits of Xco Latin by Jackie and how it burned 39% more calories than any other training program, so I decided to give it a try.

Xco Latin by Jackie is not a dance class, it is an amazing workout that offers the perfect combination of athletic movements, strength, intensity, and Latin rhythms!

From the first month I noticed the difference, in addition to having more energy in my daily life, I am losing weight and shaping my body little by little! When I started, I weighed 199 lbs. and now I’m at 175 lbs. I’ve been doing this for 3 months, 3 times a week and I don’t miss my classes because I enjoy it so much and have met really nice people too!

I feel better and I look better, I am feeling more motivated to dress up, I can also eat normally, and I am able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again!

I recommend anyone to practice Xco Latin by Jackie, a workout that changed my life!”

Aminta Ceballos

Aminda Ceballos met Juany Lara about one year ago, while Juany was giving a demo class of Xco Latin by Jackie.

Aminda had an early diagnosis of osteoporosis and osteopenia, for which the doctor recommended her to get active and do regular exercise to improve her health. She decided to give it a try and started her journey, she joined different gyms and tried different training programs, however, she didn’t see any results and ultimately couldn’t find the motivation to stick to any training program.

Juany recommended her to try Xco Latin by Jackie, this training program was developed with tools used in rehabilitation, the Xco-trainers workout tool help you burn calories while strengthening your muscles without damaging the joints. Aminda has been training 4 days a week for 7 months now and she is feeling better than ever. Even her doctor noticed an incredible improvement in her overall health condition, he was so shocked that even asked her what she has been doing.

“I feel healthier and stronger, I am so grateful to have found Juany Lara and I am committed to my training program Xco Latin by Jackie. I go to Extreme Athletic by Juany Lara every time I can, and I also bought my own the Xco-trainers tool to workout at home when my schedule is too hectic. I will definitely be recommending Xco Latin by Jackie to anyone who wants to feel good and look good.”

Esmeralda Aguilar

Esmeralda Aguilar is a housewife, mother of 2 children who used to work from home to support her husband. During the past 3 years, she had gone through many difficult personal situations, suffered from depression and felt her world was falling apart. She was overweight & demotivated and began her healing journey through exercise.

She met Juany Lara and started training Xco Latin by Jackie, at the beginning she thought she was not fit enough to achieve great results, but she kept pushing and working hard, her resilience and hard work paid off. “Xco Latin by Jackie has changed my life; I feel empowered and happy after suffering from depression for many years. I would recommend everyone try this program and begin their healing journey today. Exercise can really transform your life.”

Today she is one of the trainers that work in Extreme Athletic by Juany Lara. She is a certified trainer in 3 programs: Xco Latin by Jackie, Gun-eX Training System and Zumba.


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