Flexi-Bar is a flexible bar made of fiberglass with 2 polyurethane weights at each end. Flexi-Bar is a multifunctional object for training and 3D therapy. When you put it to vibrate, it influences the deepest of the muscle chains. With Flexi-Bar, you have to keep your body straight while the vibrations do the rest.

The continuous vibrations and oscillations are transmitted through the body and strengthen the pectorals, lats, back, biceps, triceps, quads, and even the glutes. With good training techniques, you can increase strength, endurance, flexibility, concentration, and coordination, as well as improve posture and performance in daily tasks. The Flexi-Bar is also used as a therapeutic tool for preventive training and enhances injury rehabilitation.

They call it “the magic wand” because it is unbeatable for sculpting and toning the body, it is used to complement postpartum training, as well as to improve spinal and joint ailments in the rehabilitation of osteoarthritis and when low back pain occurs.

The effects of training with Flexi-Bar are quickly noticeable and for best results, it can be combined with the work done with the Xco-Trainers, the dynamic work tool used in Xco Latin by Jackie, Xco-Max or Xco-Athletics.

If you are looking to achieve quick goals in the fitness area, lose weight, improve the quality of sports training, do stretching or improve metabolism, control back pain, neck pain, or work on muscle rehabilitation, do not hesitate to choose this type of physical exercise training that is for all ages and abilities.

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