Jackeline Rodríguez is the ambassador of this innovative exercise modality that has surprised several countries

For those who are always looking to incorporate new alternatives to their exercise routine, and thus diversify their daily training, this can be a wonderful option. The Xco Latin by Jackie is an innovative form of physical exercise, which can be put into practice by anyone who wants to: lose weight, gain muscle tone, increase firmness, improve coordination, promote flexibility, and above all, have fun. Its initials correspond to its name in English; Excellent Connective Tissue or excellent connective tissue, which is what is worked on and strengthened when this training is performed.

Exercises with supplements
In each class or routine, participants are provided with a pair of dumbbell-like cylinders that contain granulated particles inside that create a loose mass that is activated by controlled rhythmic movements as you move to the music.

Created by a woman
The creative mind behind this exercise is the master trainer, Jackeline Rodríguez, a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who found in the difficulty, the way to innovate and overcome. Jackeline Rodriguez is a certified personal trainer, with more than 25 years of experience, she went through a tough time when her son injured her shoulder while playing baseball. Determined to create a way to help her son with her rehabilitation, she investigated and became interested in Xco, created by Jan Hermanns, a physical therapist, and coach for the Dutch national hockey team. It was Jacky who presented the option of including upbeat music to gain acceptance from Latinos and make it more fun, and Xco Latin by Jackie was born.

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